April 23, 2014

Green Ganosh

Environmental awareness - the ultimate in customer service
At Ganosh Gourmet, our motto is "turning hunger into happiness". That includes being engaged with each other, with the community and with the world at large. We co-exist in delicate balance with many life forms on this planet and awareness of this balance adds richness to our eating experience. Ganosh Gourmet does the following to respect our environment, to minimize waste, encourage healthy bodies, healthy minds and a healthy planet:

Buy local produce as much as possible, directly from the grower like greens from Polito Family Farms and distributors like Specialty Produce, founded by the Harrington's of Coronado.

Buy from vendors who follow our philosophy - buy local, make fresh from scratch, use the best ingredients. We use Brandt Beef in our Pot Roast and Goulash Soup, and empanadas made from scratch by a local bakery. Our homemade italian sausage comes from Pete's Meats in Little Italy, where 82 year old Pete still makes it fresh every week. And when you want something special that isn't made locally, support folks who make things the old way. Want to throw a real NOSH? We will get you bagels from NYC as part of your party. We get bagels from BestNewYorkBagel.com, established by a NYC firefighter, and they are super!

Shop at Farmers' Markets so they continue to be a viable and accessible food resource to all San Diegans. See San Diego Farmer’s Market schedule.

Cook from scratch, with the freshest ingredients and minimal processing, for the healthiest eating experience, following the principals of the Slow Food movement. Learn more at www.slowfood.com or www.slowfoodurbansandiego.org.

Compost kitchen scraps for use in our organic herb garden used for many of our specialties and salads. If you are interested in having a garden designed for your living space, check out www.urbanplantations.com.

Use electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, walking, bicycling and ride-sharing as much as possible when commuting and delivering food.

Use recycleable, reusable containers for hot foods, deliver food in beautiful, practical thermal reusable bags, and encourage people to re-use and recycle.   If you wish to provide reusable containers for our food, let us know.

Educate our customers on healthy eating habits and build a community around the table. Take a class from Elizabeth Hirsh, Health and Lifestyle Coach, specializing in Whole Food Nutrition. We provide food and recipes for her clients to make the cleanse easier. 

Be a paperless forum for ideas like improving school lunches, recipe exchanges, cooking classes, fruit and vegetable sharing.

Maximize internet use for ordering to reduce the need for paper menus and marketing products.

Use recycled paper for all printed material and deliver food in reusable thermal bags.

Always stay alert for new ideas on what else we can do to improve our environment, the ultimate in customer service.

Ganosh Gourmet