April 17, 2014

About Ganosh Gourmet

Wendy’s story . . .

In 2008, during a deployment to Kuwait with the Army, I put a crockpot next to the coffee pot. All of us "borrowed" various ingredients from the mess hall, and with some precious spices sent from home, a frozen chicken from the tiny store, and dumplings made in tied-up Handi-wipes instead of cheesecloth, we had a bona fide feast. I knew I struck home when people started drifting over to find out what the incredible smell was, and there were lots of smiles that day and on future days as we expanded our makeshift crockpot repertoire. Fellow soldiers told me later that smelling and eating that homemade food, and bonding over our food smuggling adventures, was one of the best parts of the deployment.

Will it work?

When I retired from the Army in 2009 to my home town of Coronado, California,  and was deciding what to do next, I really wanted to cook but wasn't sure there was a market for homemade food delivery. I started to remember the highlights of my life and realized they all revolved around food. There was the "casserole baby shower", when all the Army wives brought food instead of gifts so I didn't have to cook for two weeks after my daughter was born. There were the recipes passed to me from my grandmothers, food that evokes so many memories to this day. When I was away from Coronado, I would dream of visits to restaurants now long gone; breakfast at the La Avenida, Marco's "everything pizza", or the Mexican Village Romaine Salad, that we all grew up with. Was there a way to bring those foods back? Then there were the potlucks, the team dinners, the nights that all the kids would show up at the house because "Mrs. McGuire is cooking!" Read more about our story here coronado.patch.com/articles/ganosh-gourmet-adds-gusto-to-grub I slowly realized that this service was something that people would need and also really like.

What a funny name!

So Ganosh Gourmet was born. Ganesh is the Indian God who removes obstacles, and Nosh is a Yiddish term for snack. The name says it all. Ganosh is meant to remove the obstacles people have to eating well, and to "turn hunger into happiness."

Worried about what you are eating?  From the beginning, the theme of the food is to make it from scratch using the least amount of processed foods, using local ingredients as much as possible, and put out the kind of food you (or your mother) would cook for yourself. For example, the chicken broth is homemade, the apple sauce is homemade, and the pies are homemade.

How about your budget? My goal is to make the food reasonably priced. By ordering several meals at once, you can plan and stick to a reasonable meal budget and eliminate food waste.

Going on a diet?  The menu features favorites that will always be there as well as seasonal items that will change. Ganosh Gourmet food is healthy because of spices, local ingredients, and cooking methods. Do not sacrifice flavor when you decide to diet!

By delivering food to your home or office, Ganosh Gourmet frees you from shopping, cooking, cleaning, or even thinking too hard about what you will be eating or cooking next. Save time and trouble by pre-ordering your meals for the week.

The Ganosh Gourmet Community

As a lifelong Coronado resident, I will always give back to my community. Go to Green Ganosh and Grass Roots Ganosh to see what we are doing in the community, to send in a recipe, to get an application for a donation, check out upcoming events, read about our delivery staff from Employment and Community Options or see relevant links. Read more about us herewww.ecoronado.com/profiles/blogs/new-business-ganosh-gourmet and herewww.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/feast/2011/sep/30/well-come-to-you/

What Do I Do Next?

Please go to the How to Order page to place an order.  Thank you for enjoying Ganosh Gourmet.

Ganosh Gourmet